Kalandraka Violin


“Zapato”, “Violin” and “Árbol” are the new titles in the collection From the Cradle to the Moon, which began with “Luna”, “Cinco”, “Meow”, “Crocodile” and “Paper Bow”. They are small format books for boys and girls from 0 to 3 years old, made with hard cardboard and without edges to make them easier to handle. They start from the concept of poetic pictogram or poegram, a type of poetry designed to “educate the eye and sweeten the ear” of pre-readers.

In this proposal, Antonio Rubio tries to elevate the everyday “Zapato” to a poetic category; search in the box of onomatopoeias for a “Violin”, clapping and kisses; and, in the case of “Tree”, it invites you to draw various objects above, below and in the middle, while constructing a short poem with that spatial arrangement. The three titles have in common the figure of the child - with whom the reader identifies -, always present in the development of the actions.

For his part, Óscar Villán once again creates a handmade work based on simple and recognizable drawings, which he makes with tempera on a light and clean background, with dexterous brushstrokes, soft tones and almost tactile textures.

The series From the cradle to the moon stands out for the perfect correlation between illustration and text, the conjunction of visual force and graphics, with images that are arranged orderly in the manner of verses: measured, with rhythm and rhyme; and making autonomous reading possible from an early age.

■Theme: poetic pictograms or poegrams.

■ Recommended age: 0 to 3 years; pre-readers.

■ Highlights: realistic illustrations, combination of rhythm and rhyme; “educate the eye and sweeten the ear”, know the alphabet, identify text and images, visual reading; Each book addresses a theme: colors and shapes, sounds, laterality; other titles in the series: Moon, Five, Meow, Crocodile, Paper Bow.

Pages: 14
Dimensions: 16 x 16cm
ISBN: 978-84-92608-80-5
Language: Spanish