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Our motto is: “let the child guide you.” We believe that when investing in them it is key to observe and take into account their interests and stages of development.

We are a physical and online store in Nicaragua of furniture, toys and books inspired by the Montessori, Pikler and Waldorf philosophies.

We strive to find suppliers that offer products that contribute to the development and stimulation of the child and at the same time are friendly to the environment.

Some of Our Brands


"Seeing my son's interest in his independence, personal care and that he no longer wanted to be in a crib, we decided to provide him with a room that would help him do things on his own... Thank you Carmen and your entire team for your attention. first thing they give to their clients.⁣"

Mariela Montoya

"I came across Espacios Montessori and discovered an ideal ally to be able to achieve what I wanted so much for my children. We love the quality, functionality and beauty of their products. We love it and are grateful to have them to realize our vision for our children."

Amanda Cuadra

"I have seen the difference in the quality of my children's play and how they are able to concentrate when they are exploring a toy. Parenting becomes a little easier with spaces like this where you don't have to be "entertaining the children" all the time. Thank you Carmen and Espacios Montessori!"

Alexandra Montiel

"Every item I have purchased at Espacios Montessori has brought a lot of happiness and above all has helped the good development of my children. I believe that EM is a place where I do not spend, but rather invest and the quality care makes one feel satisfied"

Yahoska Cardenas

"The Montessori mirror definitely changed the way my children play. My 11m-old son had a radical change, the fact of seeing himself, recognizing himself and also realizing what he could achieve on his own has been a nice process to see "He perfected standing up and today there is no one to stop him."

Mariana Mendoza

"We wanted to thank you for focusing on our children! I am sure they will continue to grow since the products are quality"

Curl Helper

Help me do it for myself

-Maria Montessori

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