¿Cual es nuestra visión?

What is our vision?

What is our vision?

Our vision is to help build conscious families by focusing on three pillars; child, caregiver and prepared environment.

We believe we can achieve this by introducing functional and aesthetic products into families' homes that promote the child's independence and strengthen their confidence and optimal development.

That is why Espacios Montessori was born, a Nicaraguan company that manufactures children's furniture based on the Montessori and Pikler philosophies. We also create relationships with brands that offer toys, tools and educational materials that are sustainably designed and produced with a vision that aligns with ours.

Our motto is “let the child guide you”, we believe that when investing in them it is key to observe and take into account their interests and stages of development. In our store we have a play area where children can use and enjoy our products and furniture to help parents identify the products of interest to the child.

Welcome to our space!

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