Safari Ltd. The Farm


When we hear the rooster crow, we know it's morning on the farm! This set contains 12 farm animal figures ready for a hard day's work, including a German Shepherd, Pig, Duck, Chicken, Rooster, Holstein Bull, Goat, Sheep, Ram, Cow Holstein and a horse.

Known for their charm, necessity and, above all, the impressive animals that inhabit them, farms are the heart of agriculture everywhere. To introduce you to this charming and rewarding way of life, they have included 12 of the most iconic farm animals in this set. Whether you choose to work or play, rest assured there will never be a dull day on the farm!

Realistic and professionally hand-painted, each figure in this set captures the rustic spirit of the countryside. Whether it's the alert German Shepherd ready to listen for cattle or sheep in need of shearing, these models turn your home into a rural farm and are ideal for educational displays and to bolster your collection. These figures make great Montessori toys for sensory bins and other exploratory learning activities.

The Farm TOOB® is part of the TOOBS® collection

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