Safari Ltd. The Evolution of the Human Being


A nice tool to teach the child about the evolution of the human being. This set of 5 figures represents the evolution of the human being and includes:

  1. Australopithecus afarensis: had characteristics of both apes and humans, including a body designed to be able to walk upright.

  2. Homo habilis: its name refers to its ability to use tools. It had a larger brain than previous species, but still had long ape-like arms and a prominent lower jaw.

  3. Homo erectus: This species already lived on the ground instead of in trees. It looked much more like humans than apes.

  4. Homo Neanderthal: The first species recognized as human, it had a brain the same size as humans today, along with the ability to control fire and tools.

  5. Homo sapiens sapiens: is the species to which human beings on the planet belong. It has a lighter physical build than the previous species along with a larger brain.

The figures are made of resistant plastic and are perfect for children to learn about the different stages that human beings go through to develop.