Safari Ltd. Endangered Species-Terrestrial


Few things are more necessary than protecting our planet's endangered species! This Toob contains a mountain gorilla, a giant panda, a Bengal tiger, an orangutan, a black rhinoceros, a black spider monkey, a leopard, an African wild dog, an Asian elephant and a snow leopard.

History: Despite the dire situation many of these animals find themselves in, there are several programs, sanctuaries, and individuals focused entirely on preserving the future of these species for years to come. Similarly, there are many ways we can help the Earth's endangered animals, and we hope these figures inspire you to do everything you can to help in the protection and conservation of these beautiful animals.

Features: To realistically represent the majesty of these beautiful species, all figures have been individually hand painted and professionally crafted. Not only are these models great for display, play and educational purposes, but they serve as a reminder to protect our natural world and the incredible creatures that reside within it. These animal minifigures make great Montessori toys for learning about endangered species and the natural world.

All of our products are non-toxic and BPA free.

10 pieces by TOOB®