Safari Ltd. Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle


Thanks to its bright orange and black coloration, the monarch is one of the best-known butterfly species. Their amazing transition is shown in this four-part life cycle. The figures in this set are Montessori toys perfect for lessons detailing the biological processes and life cycles of animals.

Small striped caterpillars emerge from almost invisible eggs. They begin feeding on the surrounding milkweed leaves immediately, storing food for the upcoming transition. After two weeks, they form a chrysalis, from which a monarch butterfly emerges after another two weeks.

Scientific name: Danaus plexippus

The newly emerged caterpillars are black, white and yellow, a stark contrast to the emerald chrysalis that follows. The finest colors, however, are reserved for the adult monarch butterfly, which measures 3 ½ inches from wingtip to wingtip.

The Life Cycle of a Monarch Butterfly is part of the Safariology® collection.

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