Safari Ltd. Coral Reef


Often known as the rainforests of the sea, coral reefs are some of the most varied and impressive ecosystems on planet Earth. Although they represent only 0.1% of ocean surfaces worldwide, they are home to an astonishing number of different marine species. Because they are located in shallow waters where there is a lot of sunlight, coral reefs are a popular tourist attraction in tropical areas and visiting them gives you the opportunity to see all of the incredible animals featured in this set up close.

A perfect tool for learning about all the wonderful creatures that inhabit coral reefs, the expertly painted figures in this Toob are not only educational and scientifically accurate, they're fun too! These miniature figures make excellent Montessori toys for a wide range of lessons. Take part in sea exploration and search for lost treasure while learning about all of these different species!

Includes: a parrotfish, angelfish, blue tang, octopus, starfish, seahorse, coral, cowrie shell, anemone clownfish and, for added style, a diver and a treasure chest.

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