The energy-efficient design of the dollhouse includes a wind turbine, a solar cell panel, an electric inverter, recycling bins, a rain barrel, a biofaçade and a blind that can adjust the amount of sunlight and circulation from air.

Learn about the importance of sustainable living with an eco-friendly dollhouse that features a wind turbine, solar panel, electric inverter, recycling bins, rain barrel, biofacade and a blind that can adjust the amount of light solar and air circulation.
Includes 1 dollhouse, 1 kitchen table, 1 dining table, 2 kitchen chairs, 1 adult bed, 1 wardrobe, 1 child's bed, 1 child's bedroom table, 1 child's bedroom chair, 1 lamp, 1 TV , 1 TV shelf, 1 reception table, 2 sofas, 1 bathroom with shower, 1 toilet
Supports imaginative thinking, creative and communicative expression, strategic thinking skills and a child's understanding of sustainability.
Sustainably made in Thailand using chemical-free rubberwood, formaldehyde-free glue, organic pigments and water-based dyes.