Pastel Shape Expansion Pack 48 pc


Expand the play and learning possibilities with our 48-piece cake shape expansion pack. With a range of unique magnetic tile shapes, including large triangles, right-angle triangles, quarter circles, pentagons, trapezoids and rhombuses, this pack enhances the design and play possibilities with Connetix.

The expertly curated Pastel Shapes Expansion Pack encourages deeper mathematical understanding around fractions, measurement, placement, and transformation, while providing new possibilities for 2D and 3D designs.

Inspire the imagination as quarter circles become winding roads, castle domes, or pizza and pie that can be shared equally! Marvel at how the large right-angle triangles transform into sturdy rocket fins, car ramps, while at the same time adding extra support.

A high-quality, open-ended toy, the pastel-shaped expansion pack is adaptable to different stages of childhood, growing with little ones as they learn and their play becomes more complex.

The set consists of:

  • 8 x Pentagons - 1 of each color
  • 8 x large right angles - 1 of each color
  • 8 x Large equilateral triangles - 1 of each color
  • 8 diamonds - 1 of each color
  • 8 x trapezoids - 1 of each color
  • 8 x Quarter Circle - 1 of each color

      Made of ABS plastic. Free of lead, phthalates and BPA.

      SKU 850036293323