Hidden Kalandraka. extraordinary animals


In nature everything is in perpetual change. Species evolve through natural selection to adapt to the ecosystem in which they live.

But sooner or later, the ecosystem also changes and, as a consequence, some species - previously very well adapted - are incapable of surviving in the new environment and end up becoming extinct. Meanwhile, more versatile ones take their place and begin another stage of adaptation to the new conditions.

In the most intricate ecosystems, such as jungles and coral reefs, animals capable of hiding in the environment proliferate. The evolution of these species has favored the production of adaptations that allow them to go unnoticed. “Hidden” focuses – with superb naturalistic illustrations – on some of the most spectacular examples of camouflage and mimicry.

As in all the titles in the Extraordinary Animals series, the Tree of Life is the starting point of the book, which also shows an outline of the main groups of the Animal Kingdom and data on the location, habitat and physical abilities of each species, ending with technical sheets that indicate the level of conservation on the planet and other curiosities.

■ Theme: animal and nature book.

■ Recommended age: from 7 years old.

■ Notable aspects: from the Extraordinary Animals series, with “Bocas”, “Nacer”, “Ojos”, “Constructores”, and “Travelers”; highly realistic illustrations; accessible texts for all ages; description of each animal, information about its life, habitat and conservation status; includes an annex with files for each one and a glossary; list of species: jaguar, arctic hare, sloth, bittern, chameleon, false coral snake, arrow frog, plaice, anglerfish, stick insect and leaf insect, birch butterfly, octopus.

Pages: 32
Dimensions: 24 x 34 cm
ISBN: 978-84-15250-42-5
Language: Spanish