Moulin Roty Musical Metal Bus Circus


Metal musical bus with circus-themed illustrations proposed as a 1950s poster: Hey! The circus is coming to town!

With fanfare, a parade of giraffes, lions, elephants, a juggling monkey and an acrobat duck.

Turning the button on the front loads the music box, when it starts playing it scrolls through the images in the window above the button. It lasts about 5 minutes.

From 18 months.

Discover the Les Jouets Métal collection by Moulin Roty: large and small spinning tops, music boxes or toy cars; Tin toys are timeless and can be kept as little treasures. Based on the cheerful theme of the circus and all its fanfare, straight from the 1950s, they feature bright, colorful illustrations that little ones will love. As a bonus, some whistle or play real music.