Monbento Tresor Purple Unicorn Lunch Box


Pirouettes, musical notes and tutu come together in this lunch box, with a unicorn ballerina that invites children to develop their imagination!


Easy to Open/Close: With opening and closing snaps especially suited for little hands, this lunch box was designed in collaboration with parents and approved by kids.

Customizable: Make the lunch box absolutely unique with the MB Tresor tag stash! Interchangeable designs allow you to add the little owner's name or a picture of their favorite superhero. The customization feature eliminates any risk of bento boxes getting mixed up during play!

Robust and airtight: Thanks to its compact shape, it easily slips into any bag or purse. The large bottom compartment is airtight (once closed) and its rounded edges absorb shock, making it the ideal companion for your little food lovers on all their adventures.

Thanks to its various compartments, the MB Tresor Purple Unicorn lunch box protects little adventurers' lunch wherever they go.


1 lid (PP)

2 locks (PP)

2 cups of food (PP + Tritan™)

1 middle cover (PP)

1 closure (silicone)

1 container (PP)

*The thermos is purchased separately.