Monbento Large Original Coton Lunch Box


With its two airtight floors, this lunch box is definitely perfect for your mobile lunches!


Made from PBT, a high-quality plastic known for its resistance, the MB Original bento will follow you on all your adventures.


Thanks to its intermediate lid, equipped with a gasket, the MB Original bento is completely airtight.


Without BPA*, the MB Original bento can accommodate all your dishes and snacks in complete health safety. *according to the regulations.

MB Original gray Coton is distinguished by its unique design and clean lines. No more office style fails on the horizon with its elegant light gray color!

    • 1 cap (PBT)
    • 2 containers (PBT)
    • 2 intermediate covers + gaskets (PP + SEBS)
    • 2 plugs (silicone)
    • 1 elastic (elastane)
    • 1 box (PBT)