Miniland Caucasian redhead doll 38 cm with underwear


Miniland doll with representative characteristics of the Caucasian race, red hair and brown eyes. This doll belongs to the Miniland Dolls collection, which promotes values ​​of equality between boys and girls, regardless of their race, gender or condition and allows them to become aware of diversity, as well as developing social skills such as empathy and tolerance. They are made with excellent quality materials, specifically very soft vinyl, with a light vanilla aroma, which is also recyclable.

They are manufactured in Spain in a traditional way.

Anatomically correct, meaning they show the physical differences between boys and girls realistically.

Articulated, that is, both the head and the arms and legs can be rotated, allowing you to stand, lie down or sit.

You can wash our dolls without affecting their quality and durability.

Its size is 38 centimeters long.

You can complete her look with the collection of clothes for 38 centimeter dolls.

This model comes in a case, with underwear.

Additionally, with our miniland teach&play educational platform you can access free resources and games related to this product and that expand the educational experience.