Loguez Leibniz

Leibniz has been one of the privileged minds in the history of humanity. You will hardly find such a universal and versatile intellect. He stood out in fields as varied as philosophy, mathematics, diplomacy, ecumenical and intercultural dialogue, linguistics and logic. He discovered infinitesimal calculus, the basis of modern mathematics, independently of Newton and was a pioneer in formal logic.
He became interested in Chinese civilization, founded scientific academies in Europe and exchanged thousands of letters with the scholars and leaders of his time. Carlos Blanco delves into the figure of Leibniz with the passion, simplicity and rigor that characterizes him and takes the reader on a journey to a fascinating time that Leibniz contributed to forging: the 7th and 18th centuries, with the birth of modern science and the development of rationalist philosophy, which would greatly influence the Enlightenment and the contemporary world.
The work of Carlos Blanco describes the environment and the time in which Leibniz lived, analyzes the different facets of his multiple intellectual activity and the findings of his prodigious mind, gives an account of his enormous bibliographical production and examines the influence that the work of Leibniz has had and continues to have in our days.

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