Land of Dough Rolling Patterns


Land of Dough Play Dough is a dough with all-natural colors, compostable glitters, and calming essential oils for an unparalleled play experience.

Let your children's imagination fly. This Land of Dough set comes with two beautiful rolls of Land of Dough clay and the set includes three high quality real wood rollers. One plain and two with varied prints.


Includes two 5 oz. dough rolls

Color: shiny heart glitter roll and shiny sea glitter roll

Final color: red and green

All-natural dough and colors, compostable glitters, and soothing essential oils.

Eco-friendly packaging

Includes three high quality natural wood rollers. One plain pattern and two varied ones

Air dry to sculpt

For a longer lasting dough: keep sealed in the product packaging and place in a cool, dry place.