Kitpas Set of 6 FINE Dustless Chalks - White


The set of 6 FINE white chalks are thinner than the original dustless chalks, but just as smooth, vibrant and durable. Designed for educators to use in the classroom or for the more professional artists in the family who not only like to create masterpieces on sidewalks, but also on paper and canvas.

Kitpas chalks are made from a mixture of limestone-based calcium carbonate and crushed scallop shells. The huge quantities of scallop shells discarded by the fishing industry in Japan have created a major environmental problem and Nihon Rikagaku Industry Co has developed a patented chalk production technique that not only uses scallop shells as a renewable and recycled material, but also creates chalk that is stronger, smoother and more durable.

All Kitpas chalks are made from completely safe and non-toxic materials such as calcium carbonate (found in toothpaste) and scallop shells. The homogeneously mixed particles of what is composed and coated prevent the powder from loosening to avoid conventional chalk dust.

Each set comes with 6 dust-free chalks.

Includes : 6 white chalks

Kitpas products are manufactured by Nihon Rikagaku Industry Co, a family-owned company that was founded in Tokyo, Japan, in 1937 by Yozo Oyama. Nihon Rikagaku Industry Co has been manufacturing quality art supplies for over 80 years and their most popular products are Kitpas Chalk and Kitpas Art Crayons.