Kalandraka Illustrated Inventory of Animals


...Some of these species are threatened, such as the tiger or the chimpanzee; others, such as the black rhinoceros, monk seal and leatherback turtle, are in serious danger of extinction; There are those that have even already disappeared in the wild, like the oryx. Hopefully this work can increase the will to protect them and, in some way, incite us to curiosity and respect for these beautiful animals...
“Illustrated inventory of animals” brings together a hundred specimens of representative fauna from around the world, both vertebrates - mammals, birds, fish, amphibians, reptiles and invertebrates, which with more than 60 classes, represent 95% of animal species. For each one, its scientific and common name is indicated, and a description is added to accompany the illustration, naturalistic and colored with watercolor.
Animals are classified geographically: tropical forests, desert areas, savannas, mountains and temperate forests, polar regions, oceans, coasts and riverbanks, inhabited areas and farms. From the toucan to the cow, through the dromedary, the leopard, the gray wolf, the salamander, the polar bear, the dolphin, the dragonfly or the peacock, this book is an interesting Darwinian catalogue, to contribute to the knowledge of the environment. natural and, therefore, to its conservation.
■ Theme: fauna catalog with a hundred animals from all over the world.
■ Recommended age: from 6 years old.
■ Highlights: realistic illustrations colored with watercolor; each sheet contains illustration, common name, scientific name and description; division by habitats; other related books: 'Extraordinary Animals' collection, by FAKTORÍA K.