Kalandraka Who am I? Animal breeding Europe


Bear, wolf, swan... the 'Little Ones' of this series introduce themselves and give us clues so we can guess which species they belong to. The illustrations, realistic and highly detailed and expressive, accompany this game to bring boys and girls closer to the wild fauna of the continental territory.

The series «Who am I? Animal Babies" presents several species of mammals and birds grouped by continents to inspire curiosity about fauna and care for nature from the earliest ages. Each title contains seven broods: with accessible and descriptive texts, accompanied by a suggestive illustration, each one is presented by posing a riddle and establishing a direct and active dialogue with the readers; The puzzle is solved by turning the page, where he appears with his family in their natural habitat, expanding the information about their environment, customs and physical characteristics of the adults.

They are scientifically rigorous texts that capture the reality of nature in a simple and understandable way, in addition to showing biodiversity and different forms of breeding.

Made with graphite and softly colored, the images are realistic and highly detailed, faithful to the canons of scientific illustration, and stand out for the expressiveness and tenderness of the protagonists. The narrative and visual part complement each other, resulting in reference material not only for schools.
and libraries, but also to share at home.

The lion, the giraffe, the gorilla, the elephant, the hippopotamus, the ostrich and the zebra star in the volume set in Africa. The wolf cub, the swan, the goat, the bear cub, the marmot, the golden eagle and the otter occupy the European selection. There is also no lack of reflection on
the situation of animals on the continent they inhabit so that the little ones know the threats that endanger their conservation and become aware of the importance of respecting and protecting the planet.

Theme: fauna of the world.

Recommended age: from 3 years.

Notable aspects: animals, nature, environmental education; informative book; riddles, vocabulary.

Pages: 40
Dimensions: 22 x 22 cm
ISBN: 978-84-16721-85-6
Language: Spanish