Kalandraka Illustrated Inventory of Birds


They fly, they lay eggs, they have a beak... But these are not exclusive privileges of birds: the bat flies, the snail (gastropod) and fish lay eggs, the turtle (reptile) and the octopus also have a beak... The exclusive peculiarity of the birds... are the thousands of feathers that cover their body and wings.

Of the more than 10,000 species of birds in the world, this book includes 80: from the penguin to the hummingbird, from the swallow to the blackbird, from the owl to the pelican...

In addition to a small illustrated vocabulary about their morphology, the plumage of each species, peculiarities of their diet, or curiosities about their mating habits are described, among other surprising details, such as the sound they make when singing. Data is also provided regarding the size and average wingspan of each bird to compare them with each other.

As in each volume of this collection, the illustrations are scientific in style, represented with the precision of naturalists in old field notebooks: profiles made with marker and Chinese ink, and beautifully colored watercolors that offer a subtle and poetic image of these evocative creatures.

An attractive book not only for the colorful graphic representation of birds, but also for the technical content - accessible and informative - about animals that nest, fly and chirp in these pages full of down.

■ Theme: catalog of birds that includes 80 species from all over the world.

■ Recommended age: from 6 years old.

■ Highlights: naturalistic illustrations colored with watercolor; contains illustrated vocabulary; Each plate presents illustrations, common name, scientific name and description; division by order of birds; from the authors of "Beauties of Nature" and other illustrated inventories: "of animals", "of the seas", "of animals with tails", "of flowers", "of insects", "of trees", " of fruits and vegetables" and "of dinosaurs"; other books: “Extraordinary Animals” series KALANDRAKA).

Pages: 80
Dimensions: 21.5 x 30 cm
ISBN: 978-84-16721-01-6
Awards: Galician. Catala. Basque. Portuguese.
Language: Spanish