Kalandraka Making up numbers

-Why don't we invent numbers?
-Okay, I'll start. Almost one, almost two, almost three, almost four, almost five, almost six...

This is one of the stories included in “Stories by Telephone”, one of Gianni Rodari's masterpieces, which acquires its own autonomy in this album illustrated with the peculiar style of the artist Alessandro Sanna.

After “Confusing Stories”, also published by KALANDRAKA in Spanish and Galician, this work proposes to the reader such plausible questions, such as the value of a cake or the distance between two points, and others so surreal, such as how much a tear weighs. or how long a story is. As Rodari characterizes, the answers overflow with ingenuity, imagination and creativity; indispensable ingredients in the growth of early readers...

Another of the most celebrated "stories by telephone" asks us questions that we will find in this unique album: How long is a story? How much does a tear weigh? Here are the answers.

Theme : numbers, values, measuring distances
Recommended age : from 5 years
Notable aspects : dialogue format, original aesthetic proposal
Applications : to learn numbers, count, alter the names of quantities, mix words to create a new imaginative language

Pages: 32
Dimensions: 22 x 30 cm
ISBN: 978-84-96388-61-1
Awards: ANDERSEN PRIZE 1970 (Author)
Language: Spanish