Kalandraka The story of the other day


That magical family moment before going to sleep condenses unconditional love and the shared pleasure of letting your imagination fly. A bond through words, which calms and heals: the key to happy dreams.

"The story of the other day" represents the unconditional love for children - through a tender dialogue in the darkness of the room shortly before going to sleep - from which the ability of children to get the adult to recover, of their past childhood stage, lost emotion and fantasy. Many families will identify with this nocturnal scene, waiting for the little ones in the house to fall asleep.

From the child's point of view, the adult's search for protection stands out, which calms the fear of the night, of silence, of loneliness and of the unknown; physical presence and voice fill that void. The continuous “why” of girls and boys that explain the world around them is also reflected, resulting in the security sought and reinforcing it through repetition, which keeps them away from uncertainty and lack of protection in the face of a changing environment. and insecure.

Asking adults to tell them stories calms those fears. The affectionate voice that tells a bedtime story - it is never replaceable by an electronic device - is presented as a fundamental link in the mother/father-child relationship.

In a kind of meta-literary exercise, this father tells his son a story in which he imagines that they are both animals: kangaroos, eagles, squirrels... with Noemí Villamuza illustrating beautiful family scenes of colors and soft lines.

They jump, fly, eat, bathe, play, caress each other or carry out actions that excite the little one, with endearing spontaneous interventions in which he points out, suggests or adds emotion to a narrative in which the father himself
he gets more and more involved. "The story of the other day" is still
the same old story, which calms and heals; the key to happy dreams.

Theme: relationship between a father and his son. Recommended age: from 3 years.
Notable aspects: childhood, family; night, fears, security; story time, reading, storytelling, fantasy; affections, emotions; animals; from the illustrator of « To the moon, to two, and to three...! » (XII City of Orihuela International Poetry Prize for Girls and Boys; Cuatrogatos Prize 2020, Kalandraka).

Pages: 32
Dimensions: 22 x 22 cm
ISBN: 978-84-1343-023-2
Language: Spanish