Connetix Expansion Forms Pack 48pc


Unleash a world of expanded play and learning possibilities with our 48-piece Pastel Shape Expansion Pack. This unique set of magnetic tiles features a wide range of shapes, including large triangles, right-angle triangles, quarter circles, pentagons, trapezoids and rhombuses, all designed to elevate your Connetix experience.

Carefully curated, the Pastel Shape Expansion Pack encourages deeper mathematical understanding, covering concepts such as fractions, measurement, location, and transformation. It opens new avenues for imaginative 2D and 3D designs, encouraging creativity and critical thinking.

As a high-quality open-ended toy, the Pastel Shapes Expansion Pack adapts to different stages of childhood, growing along with children as their learning and play evolve. It integrates perfectly with the entire Connetix range, allowing you to combine it with one or more Connetix packs.

Package content:

  • 8 x Pentagons - 1 of each color
  • 8 x large right angles - 1 of each color
  • 8 x large equilateral triangles - 1 of each color
  • 8 x diamonds - 1 of each color
  • 8 trapezoids - 1 of each color
  • 8 x Quarter Circles - 1 of each color

        Made of ABS plastic. Free of lead, phthalates and BPA.

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