Kalandraka Nunú plays


“Nunú in the garden” is part of a series of board books with blunt corners for pre-readers and early readers. In this volume the protagonist elephant experiments and enjoys with the five senses through nature: the heat of the sun, the taste of fruits, the song of a bird, the aroma of flowers, the color of the rainbow.

With capital letters based on short and simple texts by Cally Stronk, the creator of the “From the Cradle to the Moon” collection, Antonio Rubio, has made an adaptation by constructing rhymed phrases of two verses on each double page. Thus, rhythm and musicality are present from beginning to end.

The illustrations of Constanze v. Kitzing stands out for the representation of recognizable figures and defined contours, with soft colors on neutral backgrounds. Nunú's expressiveness and dynamism transmits positive emotions: curiosity about the environment that surrounds him, pleasure in the sensations he experiences, joy in each discovery.

■ Theme: the senses.

■ Recommended age: pre-readers from 0 to 3 years old, first readers.

■ Notable aspects: knowledge of the environment, nature, sensations, emotions; from the authors of “Nunú plays”; from the illustrator of “Kitty and the Ball”, “Kitty and the Snow” and “Kitty and the Holidays” (KALANDRAKA).

Pages: 14
Dimensions: 16 x 16cm
ISBN: 978-84-8464-344-9
Language: Spanish