Loguez Not without my favorite things

A girl moves with her parents to another country. He wants to take a lot of things, but what to do if you can't fit everything in the suitcase? Or maybe there is a way to take your favorite things with you?
      With traditional techniques where graphite pencil and brushstrokes of primary colors (yellow, red and blue) prevail, we are presented with illustrations full of details (look at the door frame) that speak to us beyond a text that could serve for different geographical situations.
      This is how east and west meet in the pages of a book where silences, sadness and hope abound.
      Large white spaces and compositions full of symbolism (suitcases merging with buildings or giant windows) are an added value in a story of migration and encounters, not only with oneself, but with the future that will arrive and open doors to new favorite things.
      Author: Sepideh Sarihi
      With illustrations by Julie Völk
      Number of pages: 32
      Binding: cardboard
      Format: 21.6 x 28.1 cm
      ISBN: 978-84-121583-1-1
      Age: 5+