Kalandraka Toys


"Toys" brings together objects used by girls and boys for their sensory, psychomotor and intellectual development, socialization and entertainment: from the rattle for babies to the ball, through wooden pieces or stories.

The protagonists of "Viajes" - of different ages and cultures as a nod to diversity - travel by individual and collective means of transportation both to play and to get to other places: skateboard, bicycle, car... These are the new titles in the De la collection. crib to the moon for girls and boys from 0 to 3 years old.

The term poetic pictogram or poegram designates a type of poetry that helps “educate the eye and sweeten the ear,” as its author Antonio Rubio explains. Óscar Villán -National Illustration Prize 1999- has developed the aesthetic proposal of these intensely colorful books.

His work is completely handmade, with easily noticeable brushstrokes and tones, to the point that the textures can almost be touched. The image stands out against a light background; The drawing is simple and recognizable, with the artist's personal touch.

With the contribution -literary and plastic- of both creators, KALANDRAKA's role has been to harmonize the parts, guide the creative process and proceed to the final edition.

Each copy of the collection From the cradle to the moon is “a poetic exercise of great simplicity and musical force.” Thus, the boy or girl learns how to read from left to right, from top to bottom, and that the turning of the pages is the evolution of the verses. Given the lesser importance of the graphics, the illustrations acquire all the communicative force.

They are perfectly legible images that are articulated in the same way as words, with their syllables counted; that are arranged in the manner of verses: ordered, measured, with rhythm and final rhyme; that can be read and sung melodically independently from an early age.

Each book is a complete poem that is built based on a poetic structure of the children's songbook (octosyllable verse, chorus, enumeration...), uses the poetic resources of the traditional songbook (echoes, rhymes, rhythms...) and responds to the interests of the first years.

■ Theme: poetic pictograms or poegrams.

■ Recommended age: 0 to 3 years.

■ Notable aspects: objects for recreational use and for the development of skills; means of transportation, transportation; cultural diversity, friendship, play; rhyme and rhythm; vocabulary; “educate the eye and sweeten the ear”; identify text and images, visual reading; other titles in the collection: Moon, Five, Meow, Crocodile, Paper Bow Tie, Shoe, Violin, Tree, I Spy, Lemon, Animals, Fruits.

Pages: 8.50
Dimensions: 16 x 16cm
ISBN: 978-84-1343-086-7
Language: Spanish
Available in: Galician. Catala. Basque