Kalandraka Beauties of nature


A comprehensive compendium - with more than 450 naturalistic prints - of the planet's biodiversity to learn about and admire the creatures that inhabit it, promoting their conservation and environmental sensitivity.

“Beauties of Nature” is a compilation of the Illustrated Inventory series in which the writer Virginie Aladjidi and the illustrator Emmanuelle Tchoukriel bring together a wide sample of the planet's biodiversity. This encyclopedic volume contains 457 naturalistic plates that present a wide variety of living beings.

They are classified into twenty groups: from mammals to trees, including birds or amphibians; from reptiles to fungi and lichens, through fish or insects... Of the more than nine million living species that inhabit the Earth, this selection reflects the surprising beauty of these creatures, the originality of their physiognomy.

The objective is that we can learn about and admire the fauna and flora of the world, both from distant ecosystems and from nearby places, in addition to noticing the importance of protecting and conserving nature - increasingly fragile and vulnerable - in the face of the threat of extinction, the destruction of habitats or illegal practices that contaminate and decimate the population of animals and plants ... And above all, exercise visual pleasure through beautiful scientific-style watercolors, represented with the precision of naturalists in the old field notebooks,
with profiles drawn in marker and Indian ink, and colored
with soft washes that favor chromatic play and transparencies.

Each illustration is identified with the common name and Latin nomenclature of the corresponding species, with some technical data or curiosity referring, for example, to the size or age it can reach. The divulger

Lucile Guittienne, from the Nancy Aquarium Museum, and the biologist Katia Astafieff, from the Grand Nancy Botanical Gardens, have collaborated in the scientific review of this work.

Theme: nature catalog with more than 450 pictures of different species of living beings.

Recommended age: from 6 years old.
Notable aspects: naturalistic illustrations with ink and watercolor lines; with each plate, common and scientific name; other Illustrated inventories : “ of animals ”, “ of the seas ”, “ of animals with tails ”, “ of birds ”, “ of flowers ”, “ of trees ”, “ of insects ”; “ about fruits and vegetables ”, “ about dinosaurs ”, other books: Extraordinary Animals ” series (Faktoría K).

Pages: 512
Dimensions: 13 x 18 cm
ISBN: 978-84-16721-47-4
Language: Spanish
Available in: Portuguese