Connetix Mega Pack Rainbow 212 Pieces


Magnetic construction game with 212 colored translucent pieces, Connetix Mega Pack .

Connetix allows children to build 2D and 3D shapes , using their imagination and creativity.

They will be able to create large castles and towers ; or build houses for their favorite dolls, animals and toys, all while having fun.

These pieces encourage cognitive development, spatial awareness, hand-eye coordination, fine and gross motor skills ; and help children develop knowledge around scientific and mathematical concepts.

In addition, little ones can play independently or with friends and family, developing important social skills such as teamwork, cooperation and perseverance.

The pieces are perfect for joining together magnetically thanks to their strong magnets, and have a unique beveled design for greater scratch resistance.

In addition, being translucent, they are perfect as a material to use together with light tables , which are sold separately.

They are made of food grade, non-toxic and durable ABS plastic (BPA and phthalate free).


  • 2 car bases.

  • 6 large hexagons.

  • 12 fences.

  • 12 rectangles.

  • 12 pieces of door.

  • 12 window pieces.

  • 12 large squares.

  • 36 isosceles triangles.

  • 36 equilateral triangles.

  • 36 right angle triangles.

  • 36 small squares.

  • Ideas brochure.