Kalandraka Watermelon Driver


Why not dream of a place where pollution and rush give way to nature and joy. Everything is possible with the fresh, spontaneous and creative look of childhood.

"Watermelon Driver" is a nice story set in a big, alienated and alienating city. But even in such hostile places surprising, exceptional and unusual things happen. Like a humble watermelon seed sprouting, growing, flowering and bearing fruit curled around a street lamp, turned into a luminous vine.

A rhymed text by Antonio Rubio whose rhythmic and compositional structures are rooted in the schemes of traditional literature brought to the present through an urban and contemporary setting. The buildings and shopping centers, the streets saturated with traffic and noise, and their inhabitants immersed in haste, stress and abducted by new technologies, place us in a sadly recognizable scenario. The fresh and uninhibited look of childhood, the spontaneity and creativity of girls and boys allow us to break that terrible routine and change the gray and contaminated landscape with color and calm.

Emilio Urberuaga's illustrations - with their intense color palette, the dynamism of their strokes and their witty graphic contributions - invite us to dream and imagine something like this in our environment: that an apparently anodyne and unnoticed fact
in the eyes of the majority mark a before and after
In day to day.

Theme: ecology, environment.
Recommended age: from 4 years.
Notable aspects: cities, hustle and bustle, urban lifestyle, pollution; poetic text ; imagination, play, humor

Pages: 36
Dimensions: 22 x 22 cm
ISBN: 978-84-1343-090-4
Language: Spanish