Kalandraka Catherine, the bear and Peter

Pedro joins a trip around the world full of exciting adventures. A book to help break physical barriers and show that movement is done by walking... or rolling.

Catalina and the bear receive a visit from their cousin Pedro, they greet each other and head out aimlessly around the world... ...They travel racing, sometimes in a car, sometimes very slowly and other times very fast.

After the publication of “Without direction through the world, Catalina and the Bear”, KALANDRAKA is committed to this new album by the author and illustrator Christiane Pieper, which represents the continuation of the previous adventures, with the incorporation of Pedro, a child with a disability who travels in a wheelchair.

This is a book that helps break down barriers, not only physical, but also mental, and shows that movement is done by walking... or rolling. Because the integration of people with disabilities not only concerns the policies of the adult world, but also through education in the first years of childhood, a more egalitarian world, rich in diversity and solidarity, is built.

“Catalina, the Bear and Pedro”, like its predecessor, insists on concepts such as friendship and proposes a journey full of emotions through various exotic corners of the planet. It also introduces early readers to numerical, spatial and psychomotor games, recommended even for early readers. As for the illustrations, they stand out for their loose, impressionist-style lines, suggestive and full of color.

Theme: overcoming the barriers of disability, integration
Recommended age: from 4 years
Highlights: continuation of the album titled “Catalina y el oso”, published by KALANDRAKA

Applications: promote the integration of children with disabilities, discover the various means of transportation; travel and share

Pages: 40
Dimensions: 22 x 22 cm
ISBN: 978-84-96388-63-5
Language: Spanish