nebü Double bed position


Have you ever thought that there could be another option other than the crib for newborns? 🤔 Montessori beds or #floorbeds are an excellent alternative, they are safe and will give the baby a lot of independence as he or she grows.⁣

Montessori beds can be as simple as a low mattress on the floor on a rug or a low bed like the one in the photo 💕 ⁣

The double position bed is a Floor Bed or low bed that gives the child independence from when he is a baby and that can then be changed position to adapt to the age of the child as he grows 🙌🏼⁣⁣
If you opt for a double bed in twin size, it will accompany you for many years since even an adult can sleep in the bed.


Crib Size

Length 132cm

Height 30 cm

Width 76.1cm

Twin/Single Person Size

Length 200cm

Height 30 cm

Width 107cm

Full/Queen Size

Length 200cm

Height 30 cm

Width 147cm