Kalandraka Unmissable Minibooks 3


THE SCHOOL TREE Antonio Sandoval - Emilio Urberuaga Approach it, caress its trunk, water it, give it hugs, read it poems... I hope the seed of this tree travels to many schools.

THE THREAD Gracia Iglesias - Rosa Osuna Pull that pull and rhyme that rhyme, the jacket, the shirt, the pants were diminishing... to the forest and even the sun!

AMELIA WANTS A DOG Tim Bowley - André Neves She wanted to have a dog as a pet, but her house doesn't allow animals. He will have to use great doses of patience and imagination to convince his father.

THE THREE LITTLE PIGS Xosé Ballesteros - Marco Somà And the wolf blew and blew... the little straw and wooden houses fell apart. But what about the stone house? Adaptation of the popular story, with a plastic proposal full of details.

PACO Paula Carballeira - Blanca Barrio An endearing little mouse goes to the Moon in a space rocket. You will soon discover that the Moon is not made of fresh cheese, but it is very warm and melodious.

THE UGLY DUCKING Manuela Rodríguez - Ana Sande Adaptation for early readers of the classic story by Hans Christian Andersen. Because physical beauty is only one point of view.

ELEVEN DARING LADIES Oli - Helle Thomassen Eleven daring ladies walked to Fez, one got lost in the stories and only ten remained... but they still have a long journey ahead of them!

Pages: 7 titles
Dimensions: 7 x 7cm
ISBN: 978-84-8464-352-4
Language: Spanish
Available in: Galician