Colección Catalina

Catherine Collection

Catherine Collection

nebü is a company that started from a void that two parents saw in Nicaragua. They were looking for materials and tools that would contribute to the development of their children and they did not find it on the market. This is how nebü began, 5 years ago it focused on meeting the needs of the founders' babies; 5 years later those babies grew up and nebü's focus grows with them.

Our oldest daughter, Catalina, turned 7 years old and the Montessori furniture she had in her room; The low bed, the Montessori closet, the open shelves, were no longer filling her need.

Catalina loves creating new projects, loves collecting treasures, loves reading and spending time in her personal space. From these needs, the Catalina collection was born, a collection that allows order without limiting the creative needs of the girl or boy. Their furniture is still in natural colors but with a touch of color, it is aesthetic, high quality and made to accompany its owners for many years.

We hope you like it as much as Catalina does.

The collection is made up of a loft bed with two large and spacious drawers to store toys, treasures, projects and more.

We included a three-drawer nightstand with the cutest and cutest heart handles to add a pop of color.

Then we have a large and spacious wardrobe that has five drawers, an internal shoe rack and ample hanging space. It is a wardrobe that will serve them throughout their childhood and adolescence.

It was certainly a success with Catalina and she is very happy with her new space.