Kalandraka Moncho and the stain


Little Moncho likes to paint everything: the bed, the tablecloth, the refrigerator and even his own grandfather... After an intense creative day, he is determined to find out the meaning of a spot of black paint that he discovers on a blank piece of paper. .

That blur seems to transform in the eyes of those who let their imagination fly but, in his persevering search, Moncho does not find anyone capable of giving him an answer. Kiko Da Silva constructs a fun and profound story that, with an interesting graphic proposal of great color and visual impact, brings us closer to the world of art and the soul of the artist.

Each illustration is a sculpture made with ceramic and polychrome cement intended to suggest the different interpretations that a simple stain can have. Twenty years after the creation of this work that provided a new concept of illustration through its three-dimensionality, this book is still totally valid and surprising as much or more than before due to its characters, who seem to have a life of their own. On a second reading, "Moncho and the stain" also represents a metaphor for contemporary art, which may be difficult for many people to understand.

■ Theme: art, creativity, imagination.

■ Recommended age: from 5 years.

■ Notable aspects: exercise the imagination by developing new objects from abstract shapes, creative art; relief illustrations; from the illustrator of “When Matías felt like peeing on Twelfth Night” (Kalandraka);

Pages: 48
Dimensions: 22 x 22 cm
ISBN: 978-84-1343-099-7
Language: Spanish
Available in: Galician. Portuguese