Monbento Thermo Positive S Cosmic Blue


Thanks to the small reusable MB Positive S blue Cosmic water bottle, your children will enjoy refreshing breaks while they conquer space! As light as stardust, it slips easily into bags and backpacks.

REUSABLE: Made of Tritan™, a high-quality plastic material, the MB Positive bottle is shock-resistant and offers transparency similar to that of glass. Who said you couldn't be chic and solid at the same time?

Ultra- compact: Its square shape, in addition to being original, allows for maximum volume in minimal space: the glass will always be half full with the MB Positive!

Safe: Designed without BPA* and with quality materials, the MB Positive bottle allows safe food contact and preserves flavors. A reliable water bottle that suits the whole family!

This reusable water bottle is perfectly adapted to children's hands and allows them to stay hydrated at any time of the day, so nothing can stop their adventures!