Loguez WA Mozart

This album, for the whole family, narrates important episodes and events in the life of the composer and musician Wolfgang Amadé Mozart: The child prodigy who, with his sister Nannerl, travels around Europe to give concerts; his relationships with the ambitious father, who knows how to shrewdly market his son's genius; his passion for music, his tireless pleasure in composing and his special love for opera.
The suggestive text by Ernst A. Ekker and the illustrations by Doris Eisenburger bring Mozar and his time to life: The artist's everyday life with frequent, boring, long trips, dependence on commissions, but also the brilliance of lavish parties and successful theater performances and concerts.
The book contains a CD with works that have been specially selected for children and that, thematically, are related to a double page of the book.
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