Kalandraka The Story of the Rainbow Warrior


In 1978, a ship with the colors of the rainbow began to sail the seas and oceans to denounce the indiscriminate hunting of whales and seals, the pollution caused by toxic and radioactive waste, oil and gas exploitation, the use of deadly nets to defenseless marine species... There were countries sensitive to these protests and passed laws that helped make the world more habitable.

21 years have passed since that first Rainbow Warrior was sunk to the bottom of the waters and converted into an artificial reef. Its current replica keeps its cause as valid as the first day.

Rocío Martínez devised this book based on the recreation of a family scene: the ecologist Alberto de la Fuente told his daughter the story of the ship, which owes its name to a prophecy of the Cree Indians: “There will come a time when The birds will fall from the sky, the animals in the forests will die, the sea will turn black and the rivers will run poisoned.

At that time, men of all races and peoples will unite as rainbow warriors to fight against the destruction of the Earth." Greenpeace approved the work and certified that it meets the requirements of the “Forest Friendly Book” project. , because paper made from wood from environmentally sustainable plantations was used in its production.

From an aesthetic point of view, Rocío Martínez has shown with this work a qualitative evolution in her artistic career, with images of great plasticity, elegant handling of color and great delicacy of strokes.

■ Theme: story of the Rainbow Warrior ship.

■ Recommended age: from 5 years.

■ Highlights: contains a fold-out mural with the history of the ship; “Forest Friendly Book” ecological certificate; ecology, environmental education, biodiversity, environmental sustainability; by the author of “Gato Guille and the Monsters” and illustrator of “Ricardo's Monster” and “A mares” (Faktoría K).

Pages: 36
Dimensions: 27 x 21 cm
ISBN: 978-84-96388-44-4
Awards: SELECTION OF THE BEST (Venezuela Book Bank) -2010
Language: Spanish
Available in: Galician. Catala.