Flockmen Medium Flock 16pcs



With this “Half Flock” set, you will get 16 carefully crafted 100% natural Flockmen to start getting creative. This set is perfect to take on vacation or give as a gift for a baby shower or birthday.

Using Half-Flock can be a great mindfulness exercise for adults. The set is small enough to keep in your desk drawer at work or fit in your bag. Better yet, you can always add more Flockmen for more fun and better creations!


We know that Flockmen are stacked, thrown, collapsed and often hit the ground, so they have been designed for maximum durability. It is made from durable Baltic birch wood, known for its ability to withstand wear and tear and resistance to knocks and breaks.

Flocken are 100% natural, they are not treated with chemicals. The toys are CE certified, which means they have been laboratory tested to make sure they do not contain harmful chemicals. Please note that exact wood color may vary due to natural wood variations.


+Set of 16 Flockmen: each wooden "character" measures 50 mm wide, 70 mm high and 14 mm thick. Each individual Flockman is designed to be impossible to swallow, making it safe to play with babies.

+Portable Storage Bag: A practical, reinforced natural linen drawstring storage bag to keep your Flockmen safely stored when not in use.

+An inspiration card: with ideas and resources on how to challenge yourself with Flockmen.

+Care instructions: to keep them lasting.