Loguez A full moon night in my garden

    What happens at night in the garden when everyone is asleep? What if one and then two and then dozens of little construction ghosts appeared? With their trucks, their pipes and all their junk to build houses together, each one contributing according to their personality.
    And when they're done, STOP! They stop to say hello, like in the theater. And faster, faster, they dismantle everything because the day is going to begin and there should not be a trace left...

    An album with an immediate addictive effect! Little ones will love finding what has changed from one page to the next. A polished and charming visual style, for everyone.

      Author: Séverin Millet
      Number of pages: 32
      Binding: Cardboard
      Format: 24 x 33.5 cm
      ISBN: 978-84-947052-3-6
      Age: From 2 years