Kalandraka What is needed?


To make a table you need wood, to make wood you need the tree, to make the tree ...

Gianni Rodari's work is essential and, in the year of his centenary, it is appropriate to reread and propagate it. The text of "What is needed?" -a deductive reasoning, or syllogism- retains all its innovative force, from simplicity and ingenuity. It is the perfect example of how the author turned words and ideas into poetic and intelligent toys; a reading that the Italian singer-songwriter

Sergio Endrigo turned it into a song.

The story follows a logical and stepwise succession about the origin
of an everyday object, which culminates in the deepest and, at the same time, beautiful part of nature: to achieve something very great, sometimes the minimum is enough. A book that unites the elegance of geometry, following a circular literary structure, with the fragrance
of poetry and the originality of the aesthetic proposal.

Silvia Bonanni 's collages practice that creative leap
and transformer of art, with a laborious and colorful proposal that combines all types of printed paper cuts with textile elements.

Theme : causality; initiation to rational and scientific thinking; nature.

Recommended age: from 3 years.

Synopsis: The simplest and most unnoticed things treasure the essence and beauty of the world around us. On Rodari's centenary, a classic with poetic elegance and creative originality.

Pages: 32
Dimensions: 22 x 30 cm
ISBN: 978-84-92608-33-1
Awards: ANDERSEN PRIZE - 1970 (Author)
Language: Spanish